Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini Money Managers

Mark is bound and determined to raise children as financially responsible as he is!

Which is why he toted the trio down to the bank last Saturday morning to open up their first bank accounts...besides their college funds.
Which is also why he insists that every penny they get lands directly into their Ziploc bag full of money.
Which is why Isaac came to me the other morning pleading with me to buy him some Trix yogurt. Which was interesting to me, seeing as Isaac's requests are usually for Bakugans or Legos.

And what is the relationship between yogurt and bank accounts you may be asking? It went something like this:

"Mom? Can you please buy me a package of Trix yogurt please?"

Because I was in the middle of getting myself ready for the day, I quickly appeased him and told him I would be happy to buy him some Trix yogurt next time I went to the store.

"Do you know why I want to buy Trix yogurt? They're giving away $10,000 and I want to try to win some money. Do you know what I would do with the money, Mom? I would give some to you and some to Daddy! Would you please buy TWO packages of Trix yogurt, please?"

After glancing up to see his genuinely sweet look, I wanted to rush out and buy him a whole case of Trix yogurt!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Questions to Soon

Maybe I'm forgetting , because it was 29 years ago that I was a kindergartner. Or maybe I'm just being naive because it is my clan that I am talking about, but I don't recall questioning my parents about the things my children are questioning me about.

The other day, Angel began to inquire about all sorts of marital matters.

"Mom? Can two people live together even if they aren't married?"

I tried to explain that people do live with their significant others, but that it was not right in God's eyes.

And then she took it a step further.

"Well if they can't live together, can they still have babies?"

I was SO afraid that the next question was going to be, "Where do babies come from?" and I'm absolutely, positively sure, I am NOT ready to answer that question!

I'm not 100% sure where this is coming from, but I have my thoughts about who the child is.

And I'm pretty sure it's not the same child who taught my kids a new term for testicles when he happily wrote and illustrated in his journal yesterday, "The baseball hit me in the nuggets."

And I'm pretty sure when I was in kindergarten 29 years ago, that nuggets were the chicken pieces we ordered at the Mc Donald's drive-thru window!

What is this world coming to?