Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beaming Booster Users

My kids are just as excited by our new ride, as I am, but for a much different reason.

They had no trouble swallowing that they were "Mini-Van Children." Nor did they ever know that I was unable to swallow being a "Mini-Van Mom." (Not that I believe there is anything at all wrong with driving a mini-van. I'm the one who insisted we get one in the first place after Annie came along, but I just didn't feel like myself when I drove it.)

No, they could care less about the fact that it has nice, black, leather interior. They aren't impressed by the huge amount of cargo space that hangs behind their very seats. It doesn't matter to them that I can now open the door without putting the key into the lock.

They are most excited by the fact that we finally let them get into booster seats. And not one person, friend or stranger, has crossed their path, that hasn't been informed of this very fact.

They've informed:
Every teller at the bank we visited yesterday.
All of the dental hygentists, plus the dentist at their teeth cleaning appointment yesterday.
All of the parents of the patients that were waiting for their dental exam.
Their teachers at school....more than once...probably more than 10 times!
Each of the parents that walked through the door to pick up their preschooler.
A fire chief that pulled up next to our gas pump yesterday, to fill his own tank.

As I said, if the person crossed one of my childrens' paths within the last 4 days, they are aware of the fact that they now ride in booster seats!

And it was the cutest event ever, to watch four children sit in the isle of the store, to agree upon which booster seat to buy. The final vote was three girls against one boy.

Monday, February 25, 2008

He's a Keeper

I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my birthday any other way; with my family and friends all gathered together, eating at one of my favorite restaurants. It was even better than eating a Baskin Robbin’s three-scoop sundae. And when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Mark placed a squirt of whip cream and a cherry on top. It came in a very classy, slate blue hue, has four monstrous wheels, and it will easily camouflage the accidents that happen with four small children because of it’s black leather interior! You guessed it…my wish to escape the dreaded mini-van finally came true. For my birthday, Mark surprised me with a beautiful, new Suburban. Not only the gift was unbelievable, but the manner in which he presented it, is certainly worthy of mention!

Wishing to throw me off, and knowing his son well enough to know that he can’t keep a secret, Mark told Isaac that he bought me jewelry. As to be expected, within the hour, Isaac relayed the information to me!

I was a bit suspicious, knowing that with the blowing of my last gift surprise, Mark vowed that he would never again let the kids know what my gifts are before I, myself, knew what they were!

Nevertheless, I fully expected jewelry. Heck, I had just informed him that there was a ring at the jewelry counter at Costco with a hefty sale price of $41,000. I’ve always been a dreamer!

After opening all of my wonderful gifts from friends and family, Mark informed me that it was time to open my gift from him. I unwrapped the little “jewelry-sized” gift box, only to find a small note. It sent me to my dad, who handed me another box, then to my mom, who handed me another box, then to my father-in-law who handed me yet another box.
I was finally led full circle, back to Mark, who handed me a tissue, because I was indeed teary-eyed, and a final box with a little note that had a hand-written map of the restaurant parking lot. Along with the map, was the key to my new car.
Followed by my family, I counted parking rows and spaces, pushed the unlock button on the key fob, and climbed right into my new car.
Hugs followed, as well as kisses of sincere gratitude.
Sure, he sleeps through 99.9% of the morning duties, but have I mentioned that he's a darn good gift-giver.
He's chalked up a plus in my book!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eager Eating

I met a new friend today and thanks to a chocolate valentine heart, neatly wrapped in colorful tin foil, I learned some very valuable information about him, all within 2 minutes.

I learned that Smitty either has no fillings in his teeth, his teeth are removable, or he has no teeth at all! The reason I know this........

My mom is so kind to think of the elderly people who share the living space at the assisted living facility where my grandma resides. Smitty is one of the elderly that I speak of. After my mom handed him his valentine bag full of tasty candies, I helped him untwist the tie, allowing him full access to the sweets. After fingering through a half dozen of the pieces, he finally decided upon a chocolate. With a smile on his face, he dropped it into his mouth and began to chew as if he were eating a steak--more on the well-done side.

For what Smitty, an Alzheimer's patient, failed to do, was remove the colorful tin-foil wrapper that clothed the chocolate morsel.

And I have deducted that he has no fillings, his teeth are removable, or that he has no teeth at all, for the mere fact that instead of immediately spitting it out, he continued to chomp on it. Those of us with fillings would have lit up a room with electricity at the rubbing together of the metals!

Even with my mom nervously shouting at him to, "Spit it out Smitty! Spit it OUT!" he still chewed the treat.

It took the caretaker's gloved hands to finally remove the wrapped morsel from his mouth.

After wiping the nervous sweat from my brow, I had to laugh hysterically at the whole scenario. And I laughed even harder when my mom handed him back his bag of treats and he asked her in confusion, "How do I know which ones I can eat and which ones I can't?"

I'm thinking next year mom should hand out wax lips instead. Unwrapped, of course!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Artists

Second to being told, "Boy, you have your hands full!" I often get the question, "Are they a lot alike?" referring to the triplets.

That question always strikes me as funny, for the very reason that my kids could not be more different; especially Angel and Bella.

Not only are their looks on the opposite side of the spectrum, (brown hair and brown eyes, and blonde hair and blue eyes), but their personalities are just as opposite.

Bella is extremely competetive with lots of patience for monotonous tasks, while Angel is perfectly happy being noncompetitive and quick to need changes while performing monotonous tasks. Which explains the scenario that took place on Monday afternoon.

Bella is very interested in art and drawing and has been asking me if she can sign up for an art class for many weeks now. At the recommendation from a friend, I signed her up for a free trial class at a local art studio. Angel expressed that she would also like to try it out, so on the day of the lesson, I asked if she too, could join. The teacher gladly accepted her attendance as well.

Both Angel and Bella chose a picture that they would be working on...a present for Angel and a mouse for Bella.

Bella was very into the class, listening to the teacher, carrying out the directions she was given, and waiting patiently for her next task.Because I've already explained to you that Angel is on the opposite end of the spectrum, you can only imagine how her lesson was progressing. She hopped off her bench more times than I can count on my fingers and toes combined, she drew her picture and colored it in with chalk before the teacher ever gave her her first direction, and she knocked a box off her neighbors art area, sending no less than 100 pieces of colorful chalk toppling to the carpeted area below.

Needless to say, I could read frustration all over the instructor's face. Which is why she casually moseyed on over to where I was sitting to inform me that she was pretty sure we had reached the end of Angel's lesson.

It was not an easy task as a mother to make this announcement to a little girl who was having a wonderful time, feeling like she was doing a fabulous job.

I took her outside and tried to explain the problems. Through crocodile tears, she explained that there were no problems what-so-ever, and that she had to get back inside to finish her picture. Little did she know, her picture had already been removed, and her area prepared for the next art student. The only thing she could think to do was call her daddy and explain to him the injustice that was being handed out!

Upon completion of the actual lesson, I was once again reminded just how different my girls with the stamina and work ethic of a little mouse, and the other, who thinks outside the box, not taking any direction from the professional!

Now I'm off to think of a really good excuse as to why we won't be heading back to art class next Monday evening!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bring On Spring

The last couple of weeks seem like a blur.

I'm not sure if it was because Isaac had some sort of virus that caused his head, neck, and back to hurt.

Or maybe it was because Bella had some sort of virus that caused her to break out in an incredibly itchy rash all over her body.

Maybe it seems like a blur because Mark was out of town.

More than likely, the blur occurred because along with Mark being out of town, Bella and Angel had ear infections that required two visits within 4 hours to the pediatricians office, where the whole community had their children in for similar symptoms.

If there was a dance to be done that would hasten the return of spring, I would be dancing all night long.

But between all the coughing and sneezing and nose wiping, there were a few comments that the kids made that are worthy of mention.

While driving home from the doctors office that particular double visit day, Angel was more concerned about her future than the ear ache at hand. She broke the silence with a huff and a moan of concern, followed by the most stressed out dialogue I've heard her utter to date.

"Oh gosh. What am I going to do? I still have NOT found a boyfriend. I need to find a boyfriend before I can get married!"

That same night, Bella was diagnosing some disease that her sister had. She had out the Elmo stethiscope, blood pressure monitor, and thermometer. When she noticed red spots at the bottom of her bum, she made her diagnosis.

"Oh no, Angel. I hope you don't have Hand, Foot, and Butt Disease!" Her own case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease was still fresh in her mind!

And last, but not least, a very cute dialgoue between Angel and her Ma. My mom called to ask Angel how her trip to the doctor's office went. The conversation went something like this:

Ma: "Hi Angel. You went to the doctors today? What did HE say?

Angel: "It's a girl!"

Overhearing Ma laughing hysterically on the other end of the line, she replies sternly, "Really Ma. It's a girl."

Knowing that type of joke is much too sophisticated for a four year old to play, it was apparent that she was trying to let her Ma know that the doctor was not a HE, but she was a girl!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chivalry in a Stressful Situation

Bella and Angel tend to panic over the littlest of issues.

A strange, unfamiliar noise, whether it be humming, buzzing, or screeching.
A concerned look on my face if I'm contemplating a situation.
The ultimate threat of leaving them, or one of their siblings behind if they don't get to the car quick enough.
The loss of a beloved toy.

You name it, they can panic over it.

They display their panic by jumping up and down in place, whimpering and moaning like an injured animal on a pogo stick. It's actually really quite comical to witness...when I'm feeling in a happy-go-lucky mood that is.

Just yesterday, we witnessed this expression of panic when I made a pretty dumb mistake. After parking the car in the driveway, unloading four kids along with 10 tons of kid paraphenalia, I did what I always do: secured the car by locking the doors. Only problem was, I locked it with the keys still in the ignition.

Just the utterance of the syllables, "Uh-oh," was enough to initiate panic.

But thank goodness for Isaac. He came to the rescue with a light hearted dialogue that put us all in stitches.
"Don't worry girls. I'm brave......AND strong. I even burp without saying excuse me."

Take note boys....that's chilvary at it's finest!