Monday, November 23, 2009

Because Everybody Deserves a Lifetime....

There are a lot of ways I could go with this blog post and I struggle with the decision on which way I should choose.
Shall I begin at the beginning and speak of the inspirational kick-start message that was given by the representatives of the Susan G. Komen organization?

Or should I start at the end and work backwards, because after walking 60 miles in 3 days, the word backwards describes me best?Do I post pictures of my already ugly feet that are now adorned with red, raw skin on almost every square inch around the perimeter, or do I spare you the visual? (Sorry folks, can't resist. The following photos may not be suitable for those with weak tummies!)Okay, so it's not THAT bad!

Do I share with you the details of some of the truly unbelievable life stories that I heard from my wonderful teammates, or do I spare the details to keep my friends?

Is it appropriate to post a picture of ladies sporting boobie costumes on my G-rated blog?Should I risk less sympathy and admit that the walk was quite enjoyable not only because of my team and the wonderful group of almost 4,000 other walkers, but because there isn't a more beautiful stretch of 60 miles than in beautiful sunny San Diego?

It doesn't matter which way I choose to start or finish this particular blog post. What matters most is that you realize the amazing inspiration that empowered me and will continue to empower me.

What matters most is that you realize that there are countless amazing women that have fought and are fighting the battle against breast cancer.

Their challenges don't compare to the challenges I faced in this walk, or to any of the other challenges that I have faced in life, for that matter.I was brought to tears over and over when I realized that this disease sees no age limit. I struggled even to look at the photographs of the women my age, with a family much like my own, who lost their battle with breast cancer. Ignorant as it may sound, to me, breast cancer never had the face of a young woman. I pictured it on someone who is older.I'm proud that I participated in an event that strives hard to help change lives.

I'm proud that I walked 60 miles in 3 days and lived to tell about it!

And most importantly, I'm truly amazed and inspired by the hundreds of breast cancer survivors that I shared the sidewalk with for the past 60 miles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worthless Worry

I am due to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-day in just 8 more days. In those three days, I will walk a total of 60 miles.

Initially I was worried about raising the $2,300 that is required of each walker. I reached and exceeded my goal in less than four weeks, thanks to my wonderful and generous family and friends.

Having my financial goal reached, I immediately began to worry about another thing.

And it is certainly not what I should be wasting my time worrying about.

Because I am not so worried about walking 20 miles one day, then getting up and walking another 20 miles the next day, and then getting up a third day and walking another 20 miles. Nope. That's not so scary to me.

And I'm not worried about freezing my buttooti off while sleeping in the tents right near where the ocean waves crash, because my friend and I are much too wimpy for that and we right away opted to rent a room at a nearby hotel.

And I'm not worried about blisters on my toes from all the walking, because I bought three new pair of tennis shoes, new socks with wicking, and a package of mole skin which is said to keep feet free from blisters.

And I'm not worried about becoming dehydrated while walking 60 miles, because I went right out and bought a handy-dandy fanny pack that holds not one, but two water for water, the other for Gatorade.

And I'm not worried about looking silly while out there walking 60 miles, because my team of triplet moms bought the cutest and most comfortable pink t-shirts that we had printed to say, "More the Merrier, Walker for Knockers. Got triplets?"

But my number one worry DOES have something to do with the previously mentioned triplets....and child number four....and a darling husband!

My NUMBER ONE worry about walking in the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk is.....


I know it sounds absurd, but it is the truth. On numerous occasions I have returned home after just 3 short hours to find the house in total shambles.

On numerous occasions my husband questions whose standards we are going by.

On numerous occasions I remind him that we are a family of humans....not pigs!

Calgon...Take Me Away!

I didn't need to hear the other side of the conversation my 4-year old daughter was having with my mother, to decipher what the conversation was all about. Annie's response made it crystal clear.

"Oh Ma...she's ALWAYS grumpy like that."
Just what you want to hear when you're recovering from the conversation you overheard your son having with the puppy while preparing for his evening bath.

"Lily....Do you like licking butts? Stop that!"
And that came right after cleaning up snotty tissues that same puppy retrieved from the bathroom trashcans and shred to a million and one pieces...for the tenth time today!

And remind me.....why did I give in and get that puppy????
Oh Calgon....PLEASE take me away!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Virus

It seems that the release of creative juices that I talked about in my previous post did nothing for keeping our home virus free.

In fact, Angel has come to a completely different conclusion.
You see, last year I received the dreaded phone call from the kids' school nurse.

"Mrs. Kamahi? How soon can you be at the school to pick up Isabella? She has vomited ALL OVER the health office and she is really upset." Her beautiful princess make-up was dripping from her eyes down to her chin, and the real Princess Ariel would have been mortified if her dress had the odor that hers had!

Fast forward to this year....Friday after school, Bella began wriggling around on the couch, complaining that her stomach was hurting. I was quick to chalk it up to the fact that she ate her weight in candy during her class party.

When her complaining continued the duration of our neighborhood Halloween Party, I knew that it was more than just a sugar-high. And when she requested to go home while all her friends were running around, playing and screaming with delight, I threw in the towel and called it a night.

It was then that Angel made her conclusion.

"Mom? Wasn't Bella sick last year, too? I think she has the Halloween Virus!"