Thursday, January 6, 2011

Interesting Education

I'm always thrilled when my kids come home and tell me the new things that they're learning in school. Because we've put them into a school where they are also learning Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, the things they learn are amazing to me!
Besides the basics...reading, writing, and arithmetic...they're also learning languages that will help them converse with over 80% of the world.
The language they''ll need to converse with the other 20%, they're learning from their peers...
It was extremely difficult to keep a straight face when my son came out of left field with a new diddy that he'd learned, not from his teachers, but rather, his peers.

"I'll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle."

This is from the same boy who has taught my son some other "mature in nature" information.

At that moment, I wished I had a delete button, to erase the information from his brain. I know that my child's central processing unit never crashes, and he will repeat the diddy again....and again....and again.

It's an interesting position to be in as a parent.

You try to teach your children to like everyone and accept them for who they are, while also explaining to them the ignorance of some of those same people.

I thought I had at least until junior high school to teach my crew about the birds and the bees. Seems I better start practicing my speech sooner!