Thursday, September 25, 2008

Career Change

It was 5 years ago today that I accepted the new position.

No application.

No resume.

No interview.

No experience necessary.

I was handed the job without any questions asked.

I've held the position longer than I have any other job.

Longer than my 4 1/2 year long waitressing job at the burger joint that paid my way through college.

Longer than my teaching career that lasted less than 3 years!

There are days when I dream of retiring! Days when I would love to do nothing more than walk in the door, hand in my resignation letter, and walk out the same door to a quieter, more peaceful place...

...Like a deserted island!

A deserted island free of organized sports.A deserted island free of class parties.

A deserted island free of science experiments.A deserted island free of three 5 year old monsters and an even BIGGER 3 year old monster!
But when I applied for this job a little over 5 years ago, I knew there would NEVER be a retirement offered.

No 401k

No paid vacations.

And even worse, no days off!

But five years ago today, on September 25, 2003,at 1:24 pm, 1:25 pm, and 1:26 pm I gladly accepted the best job ever!

Though all of the monetary aspects of this job seem dismal, the emotional perks are out of this world.

I wouldn't trade my job as "Mom," to Angel, Isaac, Bella, or Annie for anything in this world.

Happy Birthday Angel, Isaac, & Bella!

I sure love you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Dear God...

Please help Mommy to be happy tomorrow."

That was the prayer that Annie prayed just before dozing off to dreamland.

And Isaac's prayer? His was right along those same lines.

"Dear God, Please help Mommy to not yell."

I hate to admit it, but I had one of those evenings. Or was it afternoon? Or has it been one of those weeks?

I sincerely thought that the kids going back to school was going to solve all of our problems. I pictured picking up three mentally and physically exhausted children from school each day. Children who would be ready to come home, have a snack, rest awhile, do some homework, eat dinner, bathe, read a bedtime story, and then, hit the pillow.

Boy was I wrong.

It is my assumption that my children are well-behaved at school, mind their manners, and even act as if they love each other in the classroom.

It is the only logical assumption. It is the only reason that would explain why they are ready to let it all out upon arrival to our car parked just 100 yards away in the school parking lot. They've spent six hours putting on this show and they can't handle it any longer when that bell rings.

I'm telling you, my kids go to war the minute we climb into the car. They fight about who is sitting in which seat. They fight about how long it is taking each one to get buckled in. You name it--they will fight about it!

And the fighting only continues at home. And my temper only shortens, hence the prayers of my darling children!

If their prayers aren't answered quick, they're going to have to visit Mommy in the insane asylum!