Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tooth Talk

The tooth fairy knows the route to our house, by heart, I am sure. Having three children the same age means that developmental milestones are reached mostly simultaneously.

For the past two years, teeth have been falling out at a rate of about one every month. (That's about the same rate the hairs on my Mark's head turn gray!)

It's quickly enough to nearly break poor Toothfairys' bank!

Although the trail she took to our house was the same, the toothfairy visited a different room last night. It wasn't one of the big monsters who lost a tooth, but it was the littlest monster.

Annie lost her very first tooth.

Quite happily, and with many questions.

Her two bottom tic tacs teeth have been loose for the past 2 weeks. Yesterday, one tooth became considerably "looser." (Could very well be due to the fact that she scored 6 goals in her soccer game. Or maybe, not.)

While driving home from dinner last night, she expressed some serious concern about the "Tooth Losing Process."

A~ "I have to lose this tooth before I go to bed tonight!"

Me~ "Why do you have to do that?"

A~ "What if is starts to bleed in the middle of the night and I swallow the blood? Then that will make me a vampire!"

To save my youngest daughter from Vampiress, I helped her extract her tooth. Twelve inches of yellow thread later, and her tooth was in my hands.

Eager for a visit from the toothfairy, she hit the sack without question, tucking her tooth into her pillow. After numerous kisses and profession of love, my youngest daughter asked a question that none of her siblings have ever asked.

"Mom? Is there really a toothfairy? Or is it just moms and dads who take the tooth and leave the money?"

If believing in the toothfairy keeps her young and innocent, I will forever claim that the toothfairy is real!

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